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Sep 22, 2019 · Since it was single shot, the long case was of no consequence. It ejected them fine. Keep in mind, the magnum bolt face will limit you to rebarrling it into anything but a case with a .large magnum rim. It's just like any 40x. As far as the accuracy of the Machine work, it is no better or worse than any Remington 700. What are you going to use ... Buy Remington Model 700 R5 Military Spec Rifle 308 And Rossi 308 Single Shot Rifl

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Madison, N.C. - Remington has expanded its tactical line of performance-driven Model 700 bolt-action rifles Designed for precision, long-range shooting, the Model 700 Target Tactical with its unique Completing the tactical stock design are dual front and single rear swivel stud for attachment of sling...

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Remington 700 single shot that was converted to AIAW by Andrew Delikat @ AD ARMS. Titanium Gun coated the action in TiN. It's the base for a 6x47L. level 2. The rifle features a blued receiver... on Apr 01, 2017 This is a Remington rolling block single shot rifle chambered in the.22 caliber. The rifle features a blued receiver... on Apr 01, 2017

Davidson loading ramps are designed to fill in the magazine cut-out on Remington 600's, Model 7's, and Model 700's (long and short) when converting a rifle to feed as a single shot. Made from aluminum, these loading rams are intended to be glued in for a permanent conversion to single shot. Shooters looking for a temporary single shot conversion should use a Score High Magazine Follower which inserts into your magazine on top of the existing magazine follower.

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